There are different elements for which a toner cartridge is expected to be changed. Some of them are:-

O The printer focuses the full limit of toner. It shows low toner; that suggests that couple of hundred of pages can be printed easily.

O Rehashed weaknesses of comparable assortment might be created in pages.

O Clients can change the toner in high contrast printer. However, changing the variety toner of the hued printer is troublesome. You need to ring the helpdesk for the progressions in variety printer.

Toner Cartridges

O The presence of the turning out of printer may be shriveled.

Model of printer

For the most part two names are subscripted on the hp p1102 toner printer, one is the printer’s name and the other is its model name. What is expected to change a toner cartridge is the model name. Just with this data, store individual can tell you about the toner cartridge to be applied. Assuming there is any disarray with respect to the trade, give your chronic number to the producer to make a point to get fitting toner cartridge.

Moves toward supplant toner cartridge

O New cartridge is returned to the printer and new toner cartridge is taken out from the bundle.

O Switch off the printer.

O Eliminate the tone covers from the printer.

O Eliminate the more established toner from the printer. It ought to show low tone to print with an unobtrusive measure of a strain.

O Take out the new toner and eliminate the strip from the cartridge. Take care that there is a little tab bound to plastic strip on the cartridge. This strip is likewise to be eliminated; else the printer will print just clear sheets. Take care that the toner is not poured out over you. On the off chance it does, wash it off with cold water.

O Fix the new cartridge in the printer in the comparable way as you eliminated a more seasoned one. There will be headings to assist you with setting it accurately.

O In the wake of putting down the cartridge, places the toner cover over it.

O Switch on the printer.

O Print not many pages

You are fruitful, assuming the print seems superb. Pack the old cartridge in the pack like the enhanced one and give it to some recycler. Individuals could get the acknowledgment for their old cartridges.

Reasoning the issue, if any

At some point there can be some issue with the preliminary pages as the cartridge might be defective or restored. In the event that there is a change that was not with the past toner, there will be some issue with the toner cartridge. Utilize one more cartridge and see the adjustment of printing. In the event that there is again a similar issue, there may be issue with the printer else with the toner cartridge.